project life 2014: week 6

Confession: My 2013 album? Not finished. I still have the last week in October through the end of the year missing. I have a plan to get it done in a monthly format at some point. Rather than fall more behind, I picked up with week 6 of 2014. It was the first week after Amalia's birth that I felt up to creating and so I went with that. It was easier to focus on the most recent memories and just move forward. And that's okay!

Week 6 was our first week at home with three children. Three. It was wonderful, heartbreaking, exhausting. My husband was off from work to bond and, yes, it snowed. Again.

The eternal winter meant lots of game playing, homemade pizza and cuddles.

And, Jack turned TWO that Saturday. We had a cupcake celebration with just the five of us. I made an insert just for Jack. Wasn't he just born? The journaling card was made in PSE and contains a list of facts about our little guy right now.
The back of the insert had photos of Mr. Boom and the kids playing in the snow that, somehow, didn't get photographed. Oops! Much, much more to come soon...


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