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In the process of making this house a home, there is a lot of decorating to be done. We started with paint colors for walls and kitchen cabinets, added french doors to our office and had carpeting replaced. All big changes that have taken time and much effort. The paint, in fact, is an ongoing process that we will finish up as the warmer weather finally approaches (please?!).

One small area that we see nearly all day, everyday that I set out to decorate right away was our family room fireplace mantel. In fact, I put up the first seasonal decor before we had even moved in. I've always dreamed of having a fireplace of my own and have a Pinterest board full of inspiration for mantel decor. Our mantel has already seen Christmas, winter and St. Paddy's Day adornments. I have used mainly things that I already had on hand and added a bit recently to start a collection to have on hand.

Today, as I completed the Easter theme, I thought it would be fun to start a blog series here with my seasonal decor.

A closer look at the left side with jar fillers, mercury glass, seasonal picks, framed art and, of course, a B monogram.

The right side with more mercury glass, an owl, my favorite canvas and more Easter eggs.

A close up of the Peep bunting. My Instagram friend and fellow PL'er Barbara created this .studio cut file last year (click on the link to her blog to download it for yourself!). I simply added the holes in the ears and used my Silhouette to cut out several colors. They measure approximately 2x4" and are strung on pink twine. Simple.
Wreath, owl, green wicker jar fillers: Target
Glass vase: Ikea
Crystal Vase: Tiffany & Co.
White Birds, spring floral and egg picks: Michaels Craft Stores
Home print: free printable from eighteen25
Monogram: Hobby Lobby
Mercury glass vases and jar: Pottery Barn
Egg jar fillers: Walmart
Peep Banner: Silhouette cut file by Barbara at The Picinic Basket

You can also follow along on Instagram. I post under @jenboom and am using the hash tag #mrsboomdecorates to document my decorating progress.


Lynn Murphy said...

Love your mantel and your style rocks as always!

aurie good said...

Such fun!! I so need to get on the seasonal decorating train...I'm so lazy!!

Nathalie said...

I moved to a new house three years ago and still have not made the effort to decorate properly... I love this series and can not wait to see more in the future! Your mantle is very inspiring in a doable way KWIM :)

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