project life: week 37...

Today, I am sharing a layout from September of this year. Week 37 started out with incredibly proud moments and milestones and ended incredibly difficult, uncertain and frightening. Project Life is just that, about life and all of it's highs and lows. There is no better example of that than our family's experience this week.

(Left) Our oldest, George, started preschool this week! He was so incredibly excited and we were equally proud. Mr. Boom and I attended orientation with him on Tuesday morning and then dropped him off on his first solo day Wednesday where (proving he is like me in some ways) he said as we left the car, "Mommy, you can stay here. I can do it all by myself." At home, Jack spent a lot of time playing at our front windows watching contractors remake our building entries and then pave the driveway. Lots of trucks and noise = a toddler dream!

(Right) More school photos, a bit of routine and my klutzy misstep resulting in a badly sprained foot. Then, the devastation. The photo of George and his Pappou is so special and heart wrenching. After having a very successful surgery on Friday afternoon, my father in law suffered a massive stroke in the middle of the night. We are blessed to still have him with us but, he is enduring a long, arduous rehabilitation now.


Nathalie said...

As always, I love your spread this week. I am sorry to hear about your FIL and hope that he is recovering well. Best wishes to him!

PeppersMommy said...

I love your PL spreads! Love the interview with George ;) Prayers to you and your family for a successful rehab/recovery for your FIL. The hard work and repetition will pay off.

nfaband said...

Always such gorgeous pages, photos and journaling Jen ... if I could be like any scrapper it would be you all the way, but as I'm not scrapping right now I'll just follow the amazing scrappers I know and enjoy your creativity.

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