signs of spring, things to come and a brand new toy...

{First} please stop back here tomorrow for a HUGE Project Life related announcement. I am beyond excited to share exactly why I haven't posted any pages lately. Wheee!!!!

In the past week we have been to the park twice! That, my friends, is a definite precursor to spring, regardless of the bit of snow we had today. The boys are thrilled to be back outside...and so am I!  Ahh, outdoor grins are the very best kind!!!
Alas, today it has been flurrying all day and is bitter cold. So we are inside. A good thing really, for the UPS man delivered an enormous brown box to our door today containing this (cutest little product spokesman not included)...
Mr. Boom went WAY overboard and spoiled me beyond belief for our fourth wedding anniversary last week. A beautiful new bag and this lovely Cameo.
Expect to see the results of this ad nauseum coming soon!!!


aurie good said...

Love the grins and the smiles :) I'm with you - finally getting some outdoor time with the girls has been seriously awesome!!

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