jack's first haircut

It was time. His bangs were falling in his eyes and well, frankly, there was a mullet situation. We put it off for weeks longer than we probably should have, afraid a cut would make him look less of a baby, more boy. Today was the day. 

He sat like such a little man in the chair and was all smiles as the cut began.
He played with a few little toys as distraction. And, per usual, he flirted.

There was a brief bubble break when he started to notice something was amiss.

But, a new toy saved him.

Until it didn't. And we had crying not even the magic "Music, Music, Music" Elmo episode played on Baba's phone could quell. 
 And, then, it was over. Success.

And he is still our happy little baby. Minus the mullet. Ha!


Lynn Murphy said...

Tooo stinkin' cute and adorable. what fun pix.

snowingindoors said...

He looks gorgeous! I've put off Ezra's first haircut for too long, he looks cute with long, surf-dude type hair, but he must think he's partially sighted as his fringe is SO long and in the way ;-)

aurie good said...

So, so cute! I just love that smile :)

Jennifer said...

He is seriously TOO CUTE!

nfaband said...

Simply adorable ...

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