project life: massive catch up...

So, it's been awhile. Again. Apologies. Again! I have been busy keeping up with Project Life...and the living that makes it happen :)  So the massive catch up is here with more to come once I can photograph the pages from the past few weeks...enjoy!

{May 21 - May 27}
Celebrating my husband's birthday, couponing success, and a great eye doctor appointment for George.
Insert front: My husband's birthday celebration (LOVE the top photo!), photos with his parents at dinner and a mini replica of the card I made him from the boys.
Insert back: some of my favorite Instagrams from our Memorial Day weekend getaway and a shot from my first time on a jet ski (thanks for the capture, Dad!)
 Park fun, how George uses language to distinguish between his two sets of grandparents, how the boys occupied themselves during the car ride (Jack's 1st long road trip)
{May 28 - June 3}
A weekly re-cap, Swackett weather app screen shot for Memorial Day, and some of George's art along with a photo of him creating.
Insert front: Sesame Place!!
Insert back: more of Sesame Place
George on his first amusement ride, discovering a new indoor play space, Mr. Boom's alumni lacrosse game, and some other favorites from the week 
 {June 4 - June 10}
Jack turns 4 months (!!!),Mr. Boom started work on a new bridge, a fun play date, favorite recipe and George enjoying looking through Project Life (reward!)
Favorite Instagram photos of the week, George learning to put on his own socks and shoes, and a Jack photo bomb
 {June 11 - June 17}
Farmer's Market, discovering George's allergy to raspberries, both boys napping at the same time (definitely a moment to document) and a gas receipt including our grocery savings points
Father's day, delicious muffins (with a tabbed recipe hidden behind the photo), Greece in the Euro Cup and a funny text conversation with Mr. Boom
 {June 18 - June 24}
An unexpected mid-week day off for Mr. Boom, coffee, play date, tummy time and outdoor fun
George turns 2.5 (!!!), visiting our local lighthouse, playing lacrosse, technology use and why I love Instagram
 As always, click on a photo to enlarge for more detail.
More to come, very soon!
Thanks for bearing with me :)


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Love seeing your life through these snippets :)

Lynn Murphy said...

This is sooo cool and very you. I love it -

Kayla Richards said...

I really enjoyed looking at these. Great work and so inspiring to actually start my own project (and not just think about staring it!)

Susan said...

I absolutely LOVE your pages!! (I am the pea who started the PL blogs thread) This is exactly what I want to do with my pages. Thank you so much for sharing!

nfaband said...

You sure have made project life work well for you and yours Jen, and I so enjoy peeking in and watching your boys grow.

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