jack at 5 months and george at 2.5 years...

 on june 24th, george turned two and a half. he...
is mostly sweet
and a bit contrary
knows his abc's
can count to 20 in english and 10 in greek
is saying more every day
is generous with hugs and kisses
loves to be outside
loves cars, trains and puzzles
likes his little brother (mostly)
has super curly hair we have yet to cut
only stops moving to sleep
rarely naps during the day
wears size 3T clothes and 9.5 wide shoes
weighs 33 lbs and stands 37" tall
on july 8th, jack turned five months. he...
is incredibly happy from waking
cries only is wet, hungry or tired
loves to watch his big brother play
wears size 0-3 and some 3-6 clothes
likes his play mat and grabbing the dangling toys
eats every 2-3 hours
does not sleep through the night, not even close
is ticklish and giggly
loves when we sing
can blow raspberries
can roll over in both directions
finally likes tummy time
these boys
the very best part of life
love them to the moon and back, 
and again


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Love the pics - so sweet! They have changed so much since we last saw them!!

Lynn Murphy said...

Wow are they too adorable for words and growing soooo fast.

nfaband said...

They are way to precious and the cutest little guys I've ever seen.

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