photos in buffalo...

An overcast morning at the zoo, fantastic buildings and two willing subjects made for some fun photo play while I was visiting my sister and nephew in Buffalo last weekend.  I haven't taken portraits in a long time and was happy for the practice.

My cheeky nephew:
My beautiful and {newly ENGAGED} sister:
The adorable two of them:
And because blogger notoriously likes to make my photos look a bit blurry, please do click on any of the shots to get a clearer (read: better) image.


Jennifer said...

Love the photos and congrats to your sister!

Aurie said...

How did he get so big??! Ugh - I hate living far away. So glad that you had a great trip!

Lynn said...

OMG! Your nephew grewsome!!! WOW!! Glad you had fun!

KimBerly said...

Your nephew is going to be a looker when he grows up. Very nice pictures!!

nfaband said...

Wow ... gorgeous photos Jen, and big Congratulations to your sister on her engagement.

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