photo re-cap...

Monumental really since I have hardly looked at my poor, neglected camera in the past few months. A travesty. But, a few weeks ago two happy events collided that made my inner shutter-bug spring into action.

#1 - Welcome Isabelle!!! This sweet baby girl was born is the newest addition to my cousin's family. Jut one look and we were in love! #2 - That same weekend, my sister and nephew flew in for a visit and we took on NYC. Here they are in Times Square, complete with the Thomas backpack. And, earlier in the day in Union Square Park eating Crumbs cupcakes. My nephew had gotten a gob of seasonally appropriate orange frosting on his nose and thought everyone else should match...including Mr. Boom. Too cute! Seriously, how adorable is this little face? Certainly as sweet as the cupcake he's devouring.


nfaband said...

Wonderful photos Jen ... I can't believe how big your newphew has gotten and gosh does that cupcake look yummy. Your new little cousin is a beauty as well ... pretty soon you'll be holding your own little baby in your arms ... won't that be something.

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