oh, we're halfway there...

20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go...

Today marks the official halfway point of my pregnancy. I can't belive how fast time is passing and I know this is something I'll repeat often as soon as this little one makes his or her appearance, grows and flourishes. The baby seemed to be commemorating this milestone with a party in my womb all day - lots of flipping and kicks (two that daddy was able to feel on the outside). We are about to countdown the hours until we are able to get another sneek peek on Tuesday morning!
Today is also bringing another gift - these stormy skies and leftovers from Huricane Bill means there will finally be an end (even if brief) to the high heat and humidity that has been torturing me for the past week and a half. My sweet husband installed the a/c to get us over the worst of it but, I'm hoping we won't need it many more days this season. Bring on autumn!
One more thing: the above is proof that an excellent cupcake can fix just about anything (yesterday's flavor - PB&J). Thank you Crumbs on 87 Beaver, NYC for getting me through the municipal training blahs!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I loved the feeling of a baby kicking in my belly! It is so awesome. :-)

that cupcake looks delish!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

That cupcake looks DELICIOUS! I can't believe you are 20 weeks already! :) Yay, Momma!

nfaband said...

Hey is that the Tappen-Zee bridge ... sure miss going over that to New Jersey. Oh and that cupcake looks totally amazing.

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