oops, i did it again...

Three weeks, no blog? Oops. Sorry about that!

Coming back from a long vacation is a shock to the system (to say the least!) and I was thrown back head-first a really busy time at work. Two weekends ago, Mr. B and I traveled upstate to visit my family. Last weekend, my parents visited us. This weekend what do we have planned? Just about nothing! I need to proof 99% of our honeymoon photos, all of the pics from two weeks ago (still safely tucked away on the memory card in my camera) and, someday, find my mojo to scrapbook again. Could it possibly be lost under the growing pile that used to be my organized scrap space? Hmmm...

Oh, and this Saturday, June 27th? Well, I'll just call it iPhone day!

For now, I leave you with this market basket giveaway opportunity from Monogram Chick. I love her stuff and this tote would be perfect for Saturday morning walks up to our local Farmer's Market. Entry rules are on her blog. Good luck!


lisa dickinson said...

such a cool little tote! thanks for the linky info :)

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