• way more than I had dreamed of
  • welcoming and beautiful
  • a place you are made to feel right at home, no matter where you travel
  • has amazing food
  • the waters really are as clear and as blue as the tourism photos

I think I could live here. Just a few days left in paradise. Have hit the beach nearly every day and scrapped some travel because the of the call of the ocean. We've taken at least 700 photos so far and have a lot of tales to tell. But, for now, we're enjoying every last minute.


The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Yay, I've been waiting to hear all about it! :) Can't wait to see photos!

No Stress Events said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your pictures are great! Hydra is one of my FAVORITE islands. And you are pregnant I see! CONGRATULATIONS x2!

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