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"What camera and lens do you use?"
I get asked this question a lot so, I figured I'd just post it here. Since August 2005, I've been shooting with the Nikon D50 D-SLR. It's 6.1 mp and, at the time I bought it, was the camera of the moment. Capturing roughly 12,000 images over the past few years, it's been a true workhorse. I've learned to shoot really well with it and this baby launched my part-time photography business. Sadly, it's quickly become professionally irrelevant and I'm in need of a megapixel upgrade but, I still love this camera and would highly recommend Nikon. If you are just starting out and are intrerested in an equivalent, great starter DSLR with a small pricetag, I'd contact B&H Photo Video and look at the D40 (maybe only refurb now?) or D90. My favored lens is the Nikkor 1.8/50mm. It rarely leaves my camera because it's light, quick, great in low light and gives great depth of field. A necessity, in my opinion, and very affordable (under $100). These Trash the Dress photos were all shot with the 50mm. Love, love, love it's versatility and super sharp images.


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