project, life: may 2016

I'm still chugging along this year with Project Life and am so much happier (i.e. less stressed) using a monthly format! My method is to simply print twelve 3x4" photos to fill a two page spread. If they happen to all be from a single week, great. If not, no worries at all. With this set-up, a month can have only two pages (it's okay, really!) or many, many more.

These are all photos from the last week in May. The beauty here is that, it was a full week and I have far more than 12 photos I want to use. Instead of my old method of either a) weeding out or, b) creating an insert page, now I will simply use the carry over pics on the next spread.

I'm looking to use more ephemera again. The strict weekly format has me leaving a lot of things like tags, receipts and screen shots behind. There simply was not enough space! Now, space is all relative. So, here I have a screen shot of a television show my husband and I have been binge watching on Netflix, as well as a piece cut from a kiwi package.

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