project life 2016 :: the beginning

Happy New Year! I am thrilled to be tarting another year of Project Life. Last year, I dabbled. Last year was a return to single pages loyouts for me. I had SO much fun exploring full 12x12 pages again. It stretched my creativity and felt good to get back to my scrapbooking "roots."

But, something was missing. I missed documenting the everyday moments. The little quirks of our three children, those phases that are so fluid at their young ages. Toys of the moment, little facial expressions. The fleeting day to day stuff. The good stuff. It's all there in photos. On Instagram. In my Momento app. That's fine. I want more.

So. 2016. Starting anew and re-dedicating myself to little pockets of memories.

I'm not even going to go by week (gasp. what did she say??) I am setting up my album with monthly dividers and am just going to add photos in, not worrying about dates. I mean, unless it's a birthday or some big event, does the actual date matter so much? "It happened in January 2016" works for me.

I chose a word to focus on this year: give. My goal is to focus on giving more to my family, to others and in my own self-care. My intentions are documented right in the front of a brand new album. A great reminder every time I open the cover to work on my pages.

I started off this album using the Project Life Everyday and Midnight Core Kit cards. The simple, graphic cards really allow my photos (just look at those little faces!) and my intentions stand out.

Cheers to 2016!


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