project life: weeks 22 and 25...

With every first season in our new town, our new home, it's exciting to see what blooms, what new things we can discover and to see the children growing in this space. That is the beauty of Project Life. I'm getting it all documented simply - even in summer! Awesome.

The two weeks I'm sharing today are more recent and both use the fabulous, full of color July Citrus Twist Pocket Life and Pocket Life Embellishment kits. I'm not completely caught up yet but, am getting there. Of course, having printer ink on hand helps (note to self: order more today)!

Week 22: this week brought a new lawn mower and other yard tools, a damaged car, vists with family and dear friends, ice pops, Jack shananigans and big brother mischief.

Week 25: World Cup, a family zoo trip, a good book, planting flowers and cute kid moments.

How are you documenting your summer? I have a fun little project that I'm working on and will be sharing soon!


Nathalie said...

And i continue to love your style and your beautiful photos! :)

Lynn Murphy said...

AWWWW your family is soooo beautiful!!! Love your pages.

lisaplus6 said...


nfaband said...

Cute, cute, cute, pictures and pages. Your scrapping makes me smile, thanks for sharing Jen.

Sarah H said...

Love your work! Your pages are always so beautiful.I'm inspire every single time I come here and look at your spreads! A question. Where do you get the labes(not sure if they are tags though) you used on your bloom picture on the last page? I've looked all over the internet and can't find them. I would appreacite if you would share where you got them. Thank you so much!


Donya Luana said...

SO cute, Jen! I LOVE the way you included those clothing tags with the sizes on them! I need to do that too.

Dawn said...

That family picture is awesome! Looks like you're having a fun-filled summer. And bridgeclimber is looking pretty happy with that new lawnmower!


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