jack at one year...

My sweet Jack,

You came into our lives, exactly as planned, on a cold, clear morning exactly one year ago today. Baba and I both t eared up the second we saw you in all of your screaming perfection. As they cleaned you up in the warmer across the OR, I saw your little toes and exclaimed to Baba, "He has your feet!" And, somehow, here we are today a full year later.

Your first year has been a beautiful blur of nursing, giggles, walks around town, days at the zoo, car rides, snuggles and, thankfully, good health. Being able to stay home with you and your brother and experiencing every tiny little moment and milestone has been such a blessing.
It is difficult to put into words how much joy you have brought to our family. You are such an easy-going child, full of smiles and content. You just fit in so easily. We have LOVED watching your personality develop over the past several months. You are strong-willed, funny and incredible sweet. You dole out smiles and flirts everywhere we go...a complete ham.

At one year you...
  • weigh 19lbs12oz (25%) and are 29.25" long (25%)
  • wear 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers
  • love to feed yourself and will try most any food we serve, but not eggs
  • have two teeth and two more on the way (that are giving you a hard time)
  • are super ticklish under your arms and on your belly
  • cannot stand getting your diaper changed because it means staying still
  • love car rides and being out and about
  • walk, run and climb...everything
  • are already getting good at puzzles
  • love pureed food pouches, especially applesauce
  • are a good napper
  • love to clap, dance and play pat-a-cake
  • enjoy books and your favorite is Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb
  • say Mama, Baba, Pappou (Greek for Grandpa), YiaYia (Greek for Grandma), this, palamakia (Greek for clap)
  • copy everything your brother does
  • love to watch Elmo, Small Potatoes and Little Einsteins and otherwise don't pay too much attention to tv unless music comes on
We love you SO much little guy!
To the moon and back, and again,


Lynn Murphy said...

How adorable is he and how fast this went. Yikes!!! Happy Birthday Jack!

aurie good said...

So so sweet. Missing you guys already. Give kisses and hugs from us!

Jennifer said...

He is so darn cute! Happy Birthday Jack!

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