project life: another week, another insert...

Look, an update in real time! I can't quite believe it myself.  Somehow my pages for Project Life came together in about two hours total this week.  So fast that I was still had daylight to take photos, upload, edit and even post here. Maybe this is my system really working? Here's hoping...

{April 16 - 22}
LEFT: Baby amidst laundry, record high temperatures in April, pain at the pump, a video chat screen capture, more park photos and a note about our brilliant toddler all on one side.

RIGHT: Tree hugging, brotherly love, coffee (yes, please!), discovering toys and a cute little baby tush.

INSERT FRONT: I hadn't planned on yet another insert this week (3 weeks running!) but, we had such a wonderful day on Sunday with too many photos to choose just one. The divided photo page I used not a PL product but, works great and is available here, if interested.

INSERT BACK: Front and back are about how we made the most of a rainy day inside with pita pizzas, baking cookies, drawing and stickering and fun with pipe cleaners and a colander.
{As always, click on any photo for more detail}


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Love the pics!! Way to go on the updates :) And...I started cleaning out the room - I think it *might* have potential after all :)

Lynn Murphy said...

Wow. you go mom!!! this is awesome and so glad you're able to do this. Handsome dudes you got going on there.

heathershomemadehome said...

Your photos are wonderful. Love your pages!

Gretchin said...

Gorgeous! I'm so inspired to start my next week now!

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