project life 2012: i'm doing this...

this is my third year with project life
complete honesty: years one and two are incomplete.
i will get to them, likely in a monthly/major event format but, i'll get to them. one day.
today, my focus is on this year. staying current. making the most of year three.
doing things differently.

i'm taking a lot of iphone photos and processing them through instagram. instagram syncs to a great app called momento that pulls together those photos plus my facebook and twitter feeds in a calendar. why is this important? this way, my journaling is nearly done for me in a virtual format. i go in and make notes about milestones and anecdotes but, the rest is there and ready for me to draw on when i sit down with my album and photos on tuesdays.

my approach this year is fairly simple.
use the amazing, colorful cobalt kit and design a page protectors.
add a bit of washi tape and a sticker here and there (pulled from my "extras" box, pictured below) and, most importantly, just get it done.
even with a toddler and a newborn underfoot, i am doing just that.  i'm making documenting their lives, our family, a priority and i'm enjoying it. 
without stress.
i love that.


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I love it! Every year I say that I want to do project life, and every year I chicken out!! You are making it look easy :)

Lynn Murphy said...

amazing project you're doing and you'll so cherish it.

nfaband said...

Wow, you're doing such a great job with project life, I just got my kit and I'll be taking some free pointers by looking at everyone elses pages. Thanks for sharing them with us Jen. BTW your boys are absolute dolls.

Jenn said...

I think it's amazing you're doing this and are so dedicated to completing it. I love your pages.

Gretchin said...

I just started Project Life for my 3-month-old! To hear you're making it happen with more than one little one running around makes me feel optimistic about keeping it up in the years ahead! Your pages are beautiful. I'll be following your blog for inspiration!

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