thirty-three in, six to go...whoa!

Little bitty boy,

I have been carrying you in both my belly and my heart for the past 33 weeks. Wondering who you will look like, about your personality and your place in our growing family.  There are still moments, some days, where I don't feel very pregnant, likely lost in the daily toddler mama activities, work and household duties.  But, you are quick to give me at least hourly reminders that you are with me and growing big and strong.  You are on the move near constantly these days. Rolling, kicking, pushing out.  Watching you move in my belly has become my favorite source of entertainment in quiet moments.

We have been a bit slow in getting things ready for you.  Slowly getting the room together that you will share with your big brother until we find a new home.  Clearing out space for your tiny clothes.  Starting to stock up on diapers.  While we may be slow in these physical duties, it is no reflection on our anticipation and joy awaiting your arrival.

In no more than six weeks we will find out whether you will look, to my predictions, just like a mini replica of your big brother.  No more than six weeks until we hold you in our arms, give you your name and welcome you to our brand-new family of four.

I love you to the moon and back already,


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Lovely and sweet. Can't wait to meet him :)

Lynn said...

you look amazing!! i looked like a worn out pup by then. lol!!! and you've got your journaling already done!! love that!

nfaband said...

Wow Jen, you look great, much like Lynn I looked haggard and tired by 33 weeks. So happy for your little family, and I just know this little guy will be equally as amazing as "G". Can't wait to see pics of newest member of your gorgeous family.

Derby_Newbie said...

You always bring tears to my eyes with these letters. Your boys are super blessed to have a mom like you! <3

Crystal said...

You do look good! I am envious, enjoy your pregnancy

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