loving the lake...

We are just home from a wonderful, recharging weekend at the lake with my family.  Every time I am fortunate enough to take a trip upstate to my aunt and uncle's lake house, I'm transported back to happy childhood moments, full of laughter, imagination and nature.  It is a blessing to share that with Mr. Boom and George.

My favorite shot of G:
Sharing an apple with Baba in the pop-up toddler tent:
On this trip, we were able to meet the newest member of the family - Baby L (with his mama, my cousin Jules).  So, adorable!  It is amazing how short memory is at times.  Though over 14 pounds and closing in on 3 months, he looked impossibly tiny to me and I kept thinking, "How was G ever that small?"
(as always, click on any photo for a larger, better quality image)


Lynn said...

Fun pix! Its great to meet up and hang with family. Great traditions!

Lesle Alvarado said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Baby L is getting so big!! So glad that you were able to go and have such a wonderful time :)

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

such an adorable picture of G. sounds like it was a wonderful weekend away.

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