playtime in the park...

it was forecasted to be a picture perfect spring day today. the perfect weather for a trip to the the park surrounding the nearby dam. you were asleep when we arrived and we took a long walk while you napped. when you woke up, we found a large shady spot on the lush lawns, put down a blanket and had some playtime. one of your new fascinations is looking up at the leaves when laying under a tree. and just look at those lashes *swoon*
you were having a great time playing with your feet and your toys but, i thought we might try some tummy time too. apparently, the trick to having you enjoy tummy time is doing it outside! you stayed on your belly for quite a while, head held high, playing with your toys and watching people walk around the track next to us.
such a curious little man.
and this about sums up most of our picnic time - looking up at the leaves and grabbing your feet :-)
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Mary said...

Great shots!!! Love the many faces of G!

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