i am a boy mom...

One week ago today, I became Mom to this wiggly, squeaky, delicious, gorgeous boy.

I have a nephew. I have a husband. What I don't have is any clue about raising a boy. What I know for sure is that my heart is full of love for this little monkey and I'm going to do the best I can to learn.

I ask his forgiveness in advance for being his own personal paparazzi. One that cannot be shut out by a gate because I live with him (ha!). Although I can't promise not to dress him up in silly hats or clothing that he may one day find objectionable in order to get a great shot, I'll try not to embarrass him too much.

Being a boy mom will likely mean that this cat will not be the only creature I will be forced to contend with in my home over the years. I'm bracing myself for bugs, worms and all manner of creepy crawlers (but, please Lord, not a fascination with reptiles!).

Being a boy mom will mean sharing child rearing with my amazing husband and hoping everyday that he can teach our son to be as good of a man. A man who will be respectful of his mom and all women. To have a solid work ethic, be loyal, honest, creative and to try his best at everything he does. There will be sports. Many, many, many pieces of sports equipment, games and tournaments and I will do my best to learn the rules and know what I'm cheering about on the sidelines.

Being a boy mom will hopefully bring with it the promise I heard over and over since my 21st week of pregnancy when we found out 'the baby' would, in fact, be a HE..."Oh how wonderful! Boys love their moms."
I have a feeling that being a boy mom will be the most rewarding, puzzling, dirt and noise filled, wonderful journey I've ever undertaken and I'm looking forward to every single minute (yes, even the icky reptile ones).

This post was inspired by the always poignant and funny boy mom, Jill of Baby Rabies.


Jennifer said...

He is such a doll Jen!! You will love being a boy mom, it is the best thing in the whole wide world :) Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

As usual we are reading and crying at the same time. Love you.

dad & Mom

aurie said...

jen...you are going to be the best boy mom ever :) and since I really am a girl mom I get to live boy moments through you!!

jsotier said...

he's gorgeous Jen. i'm positive you will be the most wonderful boy mom! so excited for you guys as you step out on this journey. :)

Little Ol' Me said...

you must have more babies, because George is gorgeous!!!

Trisha6290 said...

I read your blog through scrapjazz sometimes and I just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. As a mother of two of the most precious boys in the world I can`t wait for you to experience the joy of raising boys. It is true what they say, little boys love their mommy`s. Congrats again and welcome to the mom of boys club

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