a tale of three burpies...

I was off work yesterday (YAY...offices were closed for Yom Kippur) so, I spent the majority of the day at home alternately relaxing and sewing (or, prepping for future sewing). I got it in my head a while back that I would make all of the burp cloths our son will ever need in his lifetime and, while I was at it, also make bunches for friends and their little ones.

I seriously underestimated the prep work for this project!

Although the three I finished came out SO cute (see above) just cutting the fabric for only six different color combos took hours hunched over my kitchen table. HOURS. Hunched over, needing to take frequent breaks because this little boy was pressing down on my pelvis and threatening to dislocate both hips.

I also seriously underestimated the amount of ironing that would be required.

Iron the fabric prior to cutting. Sew the three pieces together and press the seams. Iron the cloth diapers. Iron the ends of the decorative piece on all four sides to fit to the diaper center. Have I ever mentioned that I loathe ironing?

Regardless, the hours were all worth it and I have to admit that this little project was very satisfying. I'm a very novice sew-er and originally purchased my machine for sewing on scrapbook pages. This may have been a bit labor intensive but now, I now have a lot cut and ready to sew and go anytime I have a half hour or so to spare. I'll count it as a success of a day :-)

Later last night I was able to show Mr. Boom the results and his response, "You made these? Like, sewed them yourself? And, you didn't call my mom over to help?" Um, no...thanks for the vote of confidence honey. And then, "So, how much could you sell them for?"

[Credits: I merged the instructions for burpies from Susan Weinroth and Chickpea Sewing Studio to come up with my own take...thanks for the inspiration, ladies!]


Mary said...

Very cute, indeed. Great job, Honey!

aurie said...

love them :) great patterns!

LesleMora said...

Oh, they are way cute!

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