on the road again...

Last week, I took my car in for its yearly state inspection. To my great surprise, the three year old car failed the emissions test. Ridiculous. The good thing? A nice service center worker advised me to save myself some money and turn the car in early (my lease was up in August). Recognizing that this was probably sage advice, Mr. B and I made plans to visit the dealership this weekend.

All's well that ends well...yesterday, I got a pretty, shiny, brand-new car. Over the past few days I've had a lot of suggestions of small SUVs and mini-vans. No thanks to both. We already have one gas guzzler in this little family and have no need for another. But, let me tell you, the trunk in this new car? Huge and cavernous! I have a pretty long torso and am above average height and I can't reach the back of this puppy. It's sensible and family-friendly but, is also fun to drive!
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Aurie said...

nice car :) love the color!!

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