chaos and calm


Such a simple little description for something that is utterly and completely complicated! We have a great relationship, full of laughter and open communication. Last fall we decided that it would make much more sense for me to move in to his condo once we were engaged and the lease on my rental expired. Since we lived only a block apart throughout our relationship and saw each other daily, how much of an adjustment could it possibly be? Ha!

I had lived alone (with one feline exception) since I was a junior in college. He has owned his home for three years and had a roommate that he didn't see a whole lot of. Prior to my move, we discussed at length our needs for personal space, time for hobbies and general "me time."
Fast forward to one month later and we are still trying to figure it all out. God help us, we are getting though it. I am grateful everyday that we made the decision to move in together before the wedding! The good moments outweigh the frustrating ones so, I'll call that a success for now.

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